Tetration Lab

About our team

Who are we?
The night of the beginning
On Oct 14, 2022, a crypto veteran was wandering around Devcon Bogota, where he heard about the "Autonomous world" from @latticexyz @0xPARC
And there, Tetration Lab was formed
Our team comprises of individuals from various backgrounds who are passionate about exploring new possibilities in technology and user experience. We aim to contribute and develop cutting-edge products in the field of autonomous world, cryptography, and blockchain by working along with the community of users and builders to research and develop a truly disruptive solutions that offer real value to the space
Our Core Team Member:
@sinestiaETH - The Magic Man
@0xyoyoismee - The Coffee Maker
@yyyoisha - Chief Intern Officer / Gyukaku Slayer
@Safe - The Shadow
@Kamin - The palette boy
@Ping - The Master of Beer
@??? - The mysterious guy
@??? - The Veteran
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