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Museum Heist

Official Museum Heist Whitepaper, last updated on Jan 2023

Museum Heist Synopsis

Long ago, there was a town that nobody knows its location, yet many adventurers have been on a journey to seek for the land. You may ask, "Why do they seek for this novelistic land?"
To answer your question, let's talk about some history.
"Whoever enters this land will be rewarded with precious artifact and the titles of Museum"
"However, there's one rule "Earn, Survive, Betray"
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Museum Heist Game

Museum Heist is a fully on-chain, turn-based scoring game constructed using the MUD engine. In this game, players compete against one another to earn the most coins. Each player begins as a Museum owner, and each museum initially holds 10 artifacts. The more artifacts your museum contains, the more points you will earn in each turn.
The game is divided into two phases: Day Time and Night Time.
  1. 1.
    Day Time: In this phase, players earn points based on the number of artifacts they hold. Additionally, players have the opportunity to report other players they suspect of stealing during the Night Time.
  2. 2.
    Night Time: In this phase, players can select up to 3 museums to visit. During these visits, they have the option to steal other player's artifacts (up to 2 artifacts per round).

Our Mission for Museum Heist

All products developed by Tetration Lab adhere to the following principles:
A) To push the boundaries of on-chain gaming through innovative smart contract approaches. B) To provide new and exciting experiences for players through technological advancements.
In particular, our main goal for Museum Heist is to explore the potential of integrating privacy into on-chain games. We have chosen to utilize Zero-knowledge technology to incorporate privacy mechanisms into the game while meeting the necessary privacy requirements for gameplay.
Our game design is inspired by various traditional childhood games, allowing players to experience nostalgia while being impressed by the technological advancements incorporated into our gameplay.